Everything you need to make perfect vegan tacos, plus 13 restaurants to try

Forget Taco Tuesdays – a true taco lover never limits this Mexican street food to one day of the week. It’s taco time anytime, anytime. From breakfast tacos to daddy’s golden tacos (fried potato tacos), there is a regional variety or a unique mashup for each meal of the month.

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1 Tacos al Pastor

Inspired by the Middle Eastern technique of cooking meat on a spit, al pastor is traditionally made with pork rubbed with spices, slow roasted and tossed with pineapple. The vegan version, often made with mushrooms or seitan, offers the same sweet-spicy flavor profile without the spinning pork knuckle.
How to make them: Al Pastor Vegan Tacos by Chicano Eats
Where to find them: TacotarianLas Vegas, Nevada

VegNews.CrispyVeganPotatoTacos.PlantBasedRDHerbal RD

2 Dad’s Golden Tacos

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a simple fried potato taco. Whether enjoyed on their own or topped with salsa and guacamole, these fried potato stuffed tortillas never fail to satisfy a tasty craving.
How to make them: Crispy Vegan Potato Tacos by Plant Based RD
Where to find them: Pancho’s Vegan Tacosmultiple locations, NV

VegNews.ElPaloteThe Palote

3 Barbacoa Tacos

Trust us, you don’t want to know where meat barbacoa comes from. The vegan version, however, is usually made from mushrooms, seitan, or jackfruit. It is tender, juicy and not too spicy for sensitive palates.
How to make them: Vegan Barbacoa 1 jar by Minimalist Baker
Where to find them: The Palote in Dallas, TX

VegNews.CarnitasTaco.SugarTacoSugar Tacos

4 Carnita tacos

Mushrooms and jackfruit perfectly mimic the slow-cooked pulled pork that characterizes meat-based carnitas. This filling is scrumptious, full of flavor, and works so well in a freshly squeezed corn tortilla.
How to make them: Vegan Carnitas with Mushrooms by Vegan Richa
Where to find them: Sugar Tacosmultiple locations, CA

VegNews.TaqueriaLaVenganzaTaqueria La Veganza/Instagram

5 Asada meat tacos

For a smoky, grilled flavor of plant-based beef, opt for carne asada. It’s become a staple protein option for vegan taquerias from Los Angeles to San Antonio. If in doubt, it’s hard to go wrong with this safe bet.
How to make them: Carne Asada Vegan Tacos from Sweet Simple Vegan
Where to find them: Taqueria La Venganza in Oakland, California

VegNews.SeabirdsKitchenSeabird cuisine

6 Avocado Fried Tacos

Why top a taco with guac when the whole taco can consist of a thick wedge of avocado that’s crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside? This type of taco doesn’t need any adornments; it’s perfect as is.
How to make them: Tacos Vegan Fried Avocado Wedge by the Leon Fast Vegan Cookbook
Where to find them: Seabird cuisine in Long Beach, California

VegNews.VeganBirriaTacos.EatFigsNotPigsEat figs not pigs

seven Birria tacos

This meaty, stew-like filling originates from the city of Guadalajara in Mexico and is often served as a party dish. However, it is not uncommon to find it as a vegan option in the United States. Be warned: it’s spicy, at least it should be.
How to make them: Vegan Birria Tacos by Eat Figs Not Pigs
Where to find them: The Cocinero in Van Nuys, CA

VegNews.HibiscusTacos.BrownSugarandVanillaBrown Sugar and Vanilla

8 Jamaican Tacos

We don’t know how, but hibiscus petals — the kind you’re used to steeping in tea — actually make an amazing vegan taco filling. Seasoned, cooked and marinated, they take on a pleasantly soft and meaty texture. They’re fairly common in independent taquerias, but they’re also simple to make at home.
How to make them: Hibiscus Tacos brown sugar & vanilla
Where to find them: Vegan by El Zamorano in Costa Mesa, California

VegNews.VeganFishTacosDorasTableDora’s painting

9 Fish Tacos

Innovation in vegan fish tacos surprised us with every crispy, flaky bite. From expertly seasoned and fried tofu to nori-infused jackfruit, these Baja tacos don’t get enough credit.
How to make them: Vegan Fish Tacos by Dora’s Mexican table
Where to find them: The Cantaro in Monterey, California

VegNews.PurpleCarrotpurple carrot

ten Korean Tacos

Invented by San Antonio Taco editor José Ralat, these tacos are a K-Mex product, widely popularized by celebrity chef Roy Choi. Today, you can find tacos in many Korean fusion restaurants stuffed with tofu, kimchi, and cilantro.
How to make them: Korean Tofu Tacos purple carrot
Where to find them: Seabird cuisine in Long Beach, California

VegNews.CenaVegan.BeckysBitesBecky/Cena Vegan Bites

11 Pollo Asado Tacos

Pollo asado offers a combination of deep flavors of citrus, smoke and spice. It’s marinated and then grilled, and while different chefs may have slightly different spice ratios, this chicken-based taco filling is easy to identify by its bright red-orange sheen. The plant-based version retains the flavor and simply replaces the chicken with a vegan protein alternative such as seitan or TVP (textured vegetable protein).
How to make them: Vegan Chicken Tacos by Mas Vegan
Where to find them: Cena Vegan in Los Angeles, California

VegNews.TheVeganNameThe vegan name

12 Breakfast Tacos

Don’t limit yourself, breakfast tacos can be eaten any time of the day. Typically, these are characterized by the addition of vegan eggs and often chorizo ​​or sausage. Like other tacos, the sky’s the limit after this – load up a warm flour or corn tortilla with JUST scrambled eggs, beans and salsa, or crumbled seasoned tofu with vegan sausage and pico de gallo .
How to make them: Vegan migas breakfast tacos by The Nut-Free Vegan
Where to find them: The vegan name in Austin, TX

VegNews.ChorizoandPotato.ThymeandLoveThyme & Love

13 Chorizo ​​​​and potato

When combined, the savory potatoes and meaty vegan chorizo ​​deliver a kick of flavor you won’t want to miss. Dress them up with all the toppings (cilantro, onion, guacamole, and your choice of salsa) for your new go-to.
How to make them: Soy Chorizo ​​and Potato Tacos by Thyme & Love
Where to find them: La Taquiza Vegana in Portland, OR

VegNews.TingaTacos.SucculentVeganTacosSucculent Vegan Tacos

14 Tacos de tinga

Smoked and tomato with a slight kick of spiciness, tinga is perfect for putting in soft corn toritllas. One bite of this naughty taco and you’ll wonder how you lasted so long without it.
How to make them: Vegan Tacos Tinga by The Curious Chickpea
Where to find them: Succulent Vegan Tacos in Nashville, Tennessee

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