Former Mafia Boss’s Pizzeria Is A Hit In This Week’s Most Read Dallas Stories

Editor’s Note: A lot has happened this week, so here is your chance to get caught up. Read on for the most popular headlines of the week.

1. Opening of a pizzeria with square slices of a former Mafia boss in Dallas. A new pizzeria with a serious New York reputation has opened in Dallas, just outside Uptown. Called Slices, it’s a Sicilian-style pizzeria that serves pizza by the slice, with ingredients imported from Italy and a square slice setup. The concept was founded by the colorful Michael Franzese, a former capo of the Colombo mafia family.

2. Royal Blue Grocery Dallas changes its name and closes its original location. A Dallas grocery store concept that specializes in highly urban environments is rebranding – a concept that includes shuttering from its original location. The market formerly known as Royal Blue Grocery Dallas will now and forever be known as Berkley’s Market. Simultaneously, the chain will close its location in Highland Park Village – but something new is on the way.

3. Whiz kid Dallas chef fuses steak and Italian at the up-and-coming Plano restaurant. Chef prodigy Luke Rogers, who recently impressed at Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas, has found a new place to stay: he’s working on a new restaurant in Plano called Cathedral Italian Bistro, offering Italian cuisine with ingredients from Texas in dishes such as pizza, pasta, and Wagyu steak.

4. Macy’s Launches First “Discount” Backstage Store in Dallas-Fort Worth. The famous Macy’s department store chain will open a new type of store in Dallas-Fort Worth. Called Macy’s Backstage, it’s a “cut-price” (aka discount) concept that sells clothing, housewares, shoes, cosmetics, and other products at discounted prices.

5. Restoration Hardware on Knox is reinventing itself as an HR gallery-restaurant. Dallas’ Knox Street catering hardware store underwent a dramatic makeover and reopened on May 7 as RH Dallas, a three-level home store featuring luxury furniture, a rooftop restaurant and bar. wine.

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