Odessa restaurant reflects on new industry challenges

The Curb Side Bistro co-owner told NewsWest 9 that employees and staff are limited, but so are the products and products they need to function.

ODESSA, Texas – Many restaurateurs face tough decisions when it comes to running their businesses. It ranges from hiring employees to purchasing essentials. The pandemic has complicated everything.

NewsWest 9 spoke with a restaurant owner who said it had been like a “perfect storm” – employees and staff are limited, but so are the products and products they need to operate.

Alejandro Barrientos, chef and co-owner of Curb Side Bistro, told NewsWest 9 that restaurants are struggling to get the items they need. It ranges from meats to fruits and vegetables.

“Same with our products, you might get a call saying ‘Hey, remember all those potatoes you ordered? Well, we only have half of it, “” Barrientos said. “We have been very blessed, but it has been a real 180 restaurant manager until before the pandemic.”

Barrientos said finding his products takes longer and affects his restaurant.

“We used to do chef specials and it allowed me to express some of my creativity, but now I’m afraid to do specials due to the lack of products,” said Barrientos. “And if I presented it on Tuesday and Thursday, I don’t have some parts left, so that limits us on some things we can do.”

Despite the headaches Barrientos went through, he remains grateful to the community.

He took to social media to say “thank you” for the support, but also to ask for patience.

“We will promote whenever we win a prize or when we win a competition, but we will also promote when we have difficulties or problems,” said Barrientos. “The community comes out and helps us more than they realize.”

Barrientos said their menu will stay the same for now and hope not to change it in the future.

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